Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Charter for Cernac's Combat Choir and Creche


The text was written August 5, and the calligraphy done August 7 (in one sitting! It took 2.5 hours). The cadels are based on http://luc.devroye.org/fonts-32681.htm. The two coats of arms (mine are in dexter, those of the Company's patroness are in sinister) were done the 14th. And then I screwed up the entire thing in the very last step by misspelling my name in my signature.

The text is based on a text from Sidney Young, The annals of the barber-surgeons of London (London; Blades, East & Blades, 1900), p. 55, and reads:

Aryanhwy by the hand of Paul Queen of Drachenwald, Suzeraine of Nordmark and Insulae Draconis, Empress of Frankmark, and Marchioness of the Southern Towers, to all whom these present letters shall come, health. Know that we considering how our beloved, noble, and honest cousin Viscount Cernac the Inspired of the Shire of Dun in Mara, exercising the Mysteries or Arts of Combat Training, Child Minding, and Choir Leading as well as respecting swords, bucklers, infants, and other associated items of that ilk, and the teaching and guiding of the same, as in short-sword, long-sword, and singing, has since the beginning of our reign undergone and supported, and continually undergoes and supports, great and manifold applications and labors; and also, that the ignorant, negligent, and stupid not sufficiently skilled in the said Combat may spread many and almost infinite evils happening to many of our liegemen, unless proper remedy is by us speedily provided for the same. We therefore, heartily weighing and considering that such evils do happen for want of proper examinations, corrections, and punishments by a due supervision of a master wrangler who is sufficiently skilled and instructed in the mysteries or arts as aforesaid; have at the humble request of our aforesaid beloved, noble, and honest cousin Viscount Cernac granted to him that the said Mystery, and any man of the said Mystery aforesaid as he so desires, may be in deed and name the principal proctor and foremost founder of the most noble company which hight Cernaces Combat Creche and Choir, and that as Master of the Creche he may have a perpetual succession to serve with respect to the affairs of the infants, sucklings, and striplings, both peasant and kinebarn, within the kingdom, and most specifically with respect to her blitheness Gwen la petite-reine, who by virtue of her worth and dignity shall preside as patroness over the said Creche, and that he, by the name of Master or Governor of the Combat Creche and Choir may be able to plead and be pleaded for before whatsoever justices in courts, and actions whatever. And that the said Master of the Creche may lawfully and honestly assemble himself and whatever subordinates he should desire, and make statues and ordinances for the wholesome government, superintendence, and correction of younglings, in accordance with the exigency of necessity, as often and whenever it may be requisite, lawfully and unpunishably, without leave or hindrance from us, our justices, escheators, Sheriffs, Coroners, or any other Bailiffs, or servants of us, so long as we shall sit this throne; provided that such statues or ordinances are not in any ways contrary to the laws and customs of our Kingdom of Drachenwald. And further we allow that the said Master of the Creche may style himself such by appointment to her Majesty the Queen and to the benefit and progress of his patroness her blitheness Gwen la petite-reine. In witness whereof we have caused these our letters to be drawn up. Witness myself at Raglan Castle the xvii day of August in the first year of our reign.

© 2012, Sara L. Uckelman.

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