Sunday, June 12, 2011

Company of Merit for Excellence and Example

Company of Merit for Excellence & Example


This was done on a blank started at Kingdom University in November and completed at Crown in April. I wrote and calligraphed the text in June. I found out afterwards that the scroll was in fact incorrectly commissioned, so I've blocked out the recipient's name and will just post the rest:

The text is in Latin and Scots and reads:

Incipit verbi Cernaci et Susanne gloriosissimorum principis et principisse insulenses draconis, ad dominum ---- . [Here begin the words of Cernac and Susannah, most glorious prince and princess of Insula Draconis, to lord ----]

Quhosoevir by resoun and wit, by gud countenans and counsell, by deedis and werkes has set himselfe abofe his peeris is by these thyngis worthie to be known throuchout the land for the servys whilk he hast giuen. And soo it is syc that we the foreseyd prince and pryncess abouenamit wish and desyre to make thei foireseid ----- a member of owre most nobil, aunciant, and honorabil Companye of Merit for Excellence and Example, ande by the tokens and badges of whilk Compainie he shall be knowin amongst alle deinseinis of thys reaulme and in hothers as a membir of the forsayde Companie. Doun yhe eightein day of thei mownth of Iwne in the yere of the society foureti-sex. In witness quhereof we haue caused the present chartir to be drawin up, whilk we have signed below uith oure owne handis and markis.

The Latin phrase is translated: "Here begin the words of Cernac and Susannah, most glorious prince and princess of Insula Draconis, to Lord ---- ".

© 2011, Sara L. Uckelman.

Dragon's Tear for Edith of Hedingham

EdithCod S 140

The exemplar is Codex S 140, fol. 76v, from the 14th/15th C. This is the second time I've tried to copy this truly gorgeous T; I've been disappointed with both results, though this one is definitvely better.

There's a typo in the text but I didn't bring my scraper to Vienna, so it's very poorly fixed.

© 2011, Sara L. Uckelman.

Dragon's Jewel for Angelica of Guildford

AngelicaCod S 318

Very happy with this one! I love the bright, bold colors, and the red-on-gold motif is becoming a favorite; this particular exemplar is from Codex S 318, fol. 239v, a 13th C homiliary. I also really like the oak gall (or maybe this was the willow gall) ink that I borrowed from Racaire.

© 2011, Sara L. Uckelman.