Monday, July 29, 2013

Lindquistringes for Egil Tokrake från Tyrved


I picked out the exemplar, Codex Gottwicensis 30 (2), fol.215v, the day I received the assignment, Jul. 19. My exemplar was done in silver, gold, and red, but I don't have any silver leaf or silver paint, so I decided to substitute in blue. On Jul. 28, I did everything except for the red on the main initial and the blue and gold on the secondary initials. The text was written while I calligraphed the scroll. I'll admit, it has basically no basis in period texts. It reads:

Diploma ad Egillum de Tyrved a regibus Suenone Siohannaque [1] drachenwaldensis. (Diploma to Egil of Tyrved by the kings Sven and Siobhan, drachenaldish.)

For to recognize and reward and prefer our loyal subject Egil Tokrake från Tyrved and to thank him for his longtime, continual, and perpetual service we the kings Sven and Siobhan right noble and well beloved do hereby create the said Egil a member of our ancient and honorable Order of the Ring of Lindquist which act we do while on our royal thrones in our court at Styringheim during the second week of August and in witness of which we have signed and dated below:

[1] Grrr, arg! That was supposed to be "Iohannaque", but I wrote the "S" before I realized it. Grr.

The scroll was completed Jul. 29.

© 2013, Sara L. Uckelman.

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