Monday, February 6, 2012

Lindquistringes for Asbiorn inn eyverski


The text was composed by Viscount Robert of Canterbury, and reads:

Sven & Siobhan the Kyng & Quene of Drakenweald unto oure royal couzyns throwout the knowen worlde and to alle vassals and subgitz thereof, Greeting. Whereas it hath ben knowen time out of mynd that vertuous seruise is deseruing of just rewerd, and havyng heyrd and knowleched the very meny peticiouns and entreaties of Oure Peers of the Reaume, and of oure Heraudes in ordinary and extraordinary, and of oure Orden des Lindqvistringes and the Order of Ffraid, as well as many other of oure court as touching oure loyal trusty and welbeloued Lord Asbiorn inn eyverski of his most excellent and capable seruise as Rockall Herald as well as his discrete and capable labours as marshall of defense & eke his diligauns to do the common good as a careful steweryd of events of state withyn our Fief of Insulae Draconis therefore myndful of the faithful necessary and acceptable seruise that hath ben done unto us by the forsaid Asbiorn do we straightway honourably admit and enroll him among the numbre and companie of the Orden des Lindqvistringes by these lettres ordained and assigned of Alle rights dutys and avauntages thereof. This we trust is fully in the kyngdomes common good, that through grace and mercie we haue in our kepyng. Giuen by oure honde upon the Craig of Mallens Brae on the xviii day in the second month of oure regne.

© 2012, Sara L. Uckelman.

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