Sunday, December 7, 2008

AoA for Chiara de'Danielli


The hand is my attempt at the gothic littera bastarda in Drogin, Medieval calligraphy: its history and technique. I keep thinking I must not have the right nib, because I've tried this hand many times and it never turns out how I want to to. This is probably the best I've done so far, but it's still a pretty poor imitation.

The design is modified from a manuscript which was pictured on the front cover of an advertisement for a conference on Johannes Duns Scotus:


I don't have any further information about the manuscripts, except that it is probably a MS of one of Scotus's works, since he's pictured, and therefore it's also probably mid-14th C or later.

Unfortunately, when I was given the assignment, I was given the wrong spelling of the recipient's name.

© 2008, Sara L. Uckelman.

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