Monday, August 14, 2017

Ffraid for Amphelise de Wodeham


Since Amphelise is both a writer and Insulae Draconis's chronicler, I really wanted to have a woman writing. I also wanted to push the limits of my skills by doing another human figure, which I am generally very scared of.

I spent an evening searching through digitised MS sites trying to find depictions of women writing -- and I collected them on twitter; the thread starts here:

Amusingly, the image I ended up settling on to copy did not actually have a woman in it. The exemplar image is from a Paris MS of the Roman de la Rose from c1340, and depicts Jean de Meun writing. The image was simple enough, and I could already see how to turn him from a man into a woman, that I figured I'd give it a go.

The entire scroll took 6.5 hours, and again I documented it in half-hour stages on twitter, up until the point where there would be spoilers:

The text reads:

Haec verba Ianici et Alane principes Insulenses sunt:

Cause it to be known to all that Amphelise de Wodeham is made a member of the Order of Ffraid.

I was SO SO pleased when people other than me were able to identify the lady as Amphelise! Here's a few close-ups



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