Monday, June 12, 2017

Lindquistringes for Órlaith Chaomhánach


The exemplar is British Library MS Harley 4390, f. 18:

BL Harley 4390

The entire scroll was a bit of a last minute commission, so I had one evening to do it. The illumination took 1.75 hours, and I took photos every half an hour (see below). The calligraphy took just over half an hour. The text reads:

Pay heed all those present and to come these letters seeing or hearing for they are the words of Siridean Shah and Jahanara Bambishn of Drachenwald. By not only the testimony of many good and true people but also by our own eyes are the deeds of Órlaith Chaomhánach witnessed to us. She teaches, she cleans, she cooks, she labors tirelessly on our behalves for the betterment of our people even when her works go unseen. For all this and so that by this act she may be set as an example to all who strive to emulate noble deeds, we make the said Órlaith a member of the ancient and honorable Orden des Lindquistringes. We charge her to go henceforth and ear the badge o the order so that all may know of the love we bear for her. This we do on the dawn of our glorious reign, on the 17th day of June, anno societatis lij.

Progress tweets:

© 2017, Sara L. Uckelman.

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