Friday, August 5, 2016

AoA for Thomas Bainbridge of Manchester



The exemplar for this piece was Codex Claustroneoburgensis 389 f.74r, a 15th C German manuscript. I just love this particular pattern and combination of colors -- it's so weirdly modern. I've wanted to do it for ages, so was very happy to have the opportunity to use it here!

The text reads:

Pol and Caitriona, prince and prince of Insulae Draconis, to our servant Thomas Bainbridge of Manchester, salutations and greetings. Insofar as by the ordination of the right of arms we have ascended the thrones of princely might, it is right that in our deeds we altogether reward those by whose gifts and services we are exalted. There fore we, desiring that ancient custom as well as solemn laws to remain in vigour and prosperity, and en deavouring to recognise and elevate such persons as have con tributed richly to our realm, the likes of the above-named Tom of Manche- ster who has served us most especially through labouring as our Gauntlet Pur- suivant, maintaining and recording all manner of worthy challenges, skirmishes, and duels throughout our lands, do by our princely authority proclaim and affirm that the aforenamed Thomas is to be recognised as a lord, with all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges attendant thereto, and for the recognition of which we charge the said lord Thomas to consult with our heralds and to devise suitable and unique arms. Datum apud Castellum de Raglan, super Festo de Raglan, a.s. lj.

This was originally given out at Raglan, but the recipient sadly couldn't make it then, so it was held in secret and re-given at October crown.

© 2016, Sara L. Uckelman.

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