Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AoA for Beroharti der Rinderschink


I got my choice of initials down to 2 on Sep. 16: MS Barth. 115 (Ausst. 27) f. 1r and BL MS Harley 3971 f. 1. On Sept. 17, I opted for the latter, and started sketching the outline and the lines. I completed the lining on Sept. 18, and started in on the painting; I did all of the initial, and the first pass of the red border lines around the outside. I rather like the little spindle thingies. On Sept. 19 we had C&I night at our place, and in the first hour or so I finished the illumination, and then wrote the text, which reads:

Universis presentes litteras inspecturis, Sueno et Sivana, reges de Drachenwald, salutem in Domino. Since human memory is short and does not suffice for a crowd of things, the authority of those who preceded our age, the divine emperors and kings, has decreed that those things were to be written down which the progress of fleeting time generally removes from the knowledge of men. Wherefore let the generality of the present as well as the future subjects of our kingdom know, that Beroharti Rinderschink for the reason that he has gravely comported himself in all his doings, as tavern keeper, as archer, as servant to the realm, bringing good hypocras and good cheer wherever he goes, --on account of the urgent recommendations of very many nobles, we, therefore, after deliberating with many and by their common counsel, have hereby confirmed unto the said Beroharti all rights to such arms as he shall register with the College of Arms. And wishing this to remain valid for all posterity, we forbid by royal edict that any one, with rash daring, infringe our will or in any way attempt to violate it; and we further validly corroborate this our decree by the present letter drawn up by one of our loyal clerks, signed by us the abovenamed king and queen below and given on þe xxviii day of September in the year of the society xlviii. Quod fecimus hodie, homo non neget.

It's based very loosely on the Gelnhausen Charter of 1180. I completed about half of calligraphy on that night before needing to head to bed. I completed the second half of the calligraphy, adding a bit more to the text to make it as long as I needed, on 24 Sep.

© 2013, Sara L. Uckelman.

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