Thursday, June 13, 2013

Panache for Robyn of Rye


I received the assignment 21 May, and very quickly chose my exemplar, Harley 2748 f. 3. It reminds me of fireworks! All fired up (hah) with inspiration, I drew out the margins/framing and some of the border that same evening. May 28 I finished sketching the framework of the illumination, and inked it. May 29 I really finished sketching the illumination, and painted all the red, green, and brown, and part of the blue. May 30 I completed painting the blue, and painted the gold, black, and grey, and did all the gilding. Shiny!! And then, since Gwen has having an epic nap, I did all the whitework too.

Other 20 Year preparation kept me busy for awhile, until Jun. 11 when I composed the text, which is based loosely on the creation of the Duchy of Austria and reads:

Et haec sunt verba Torualdi regis et Tove regine Drachenwaldenses. Although the awarding of arms may remain valid from the actual act of performing such award, and those things which are lawfully possessed can not be wrested away by any act of force: it is, however, the duty of our regnal authority to re- affirm such stature by the enrollment of nobles in our ancient and hon- orable companies so that there can be no doubt of the transaction. Be it known, therefore, to the present age and to future generations, that we have, in the general court of Frankmark which was held on the 20th anniversary of the founding of our kingdom, in the presence of our princes and barons have advanced the name and standard of Lady Robyn of Rye, and it has been done in this way: that she henceforth be admitted into the number and company of the Order of the Panache: for the rest, in order that this our regnal decree may, for all ages, remain valid and unshaken, we have ordered the present charter to be written and have signed it with the signs of our hands.

The plan for Jun. 12 had been to draw out the lines for the calligraphy and hopefully do all of it, but instead I spent most of the day nursing a wee sick poor little baby; I got about 1/3 of the calligraphy done. Jun. 13, Gwen took a long enough nap that I was able to complete the rest. Whee!

© 2013, Sara L. Uckelman.

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