Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Silver Guard for Franck vom Berg


This was done on a blank by Lady Lovisa af Talkotten. The text was based loosely on the commission of Elizabeth I to Charles, Lord Howard:

By the Kyng and the Quene.

It has in times past been ordeyned that a company of fighters skilled with sword, lance, and bow be formed so that every subject of this realm be prevented from harm and protected from ill and that suitable new members for the further ance of the good of the realm be made of this company by speciall commission signed by their Majesties, and this certeyn company is known as the Order of the Silver Guard. And whereas the King and Quene's Majesties, being credibly enfourmed by speaches and attestations by owre counts and dukes that divers and many are the skills at arms shown by Lord Franck vom Berg, which we ourselves have this very day witnessed firsthand, do wish to make unto him our especial seal of approval by confirming, ratifying, and announcing that the Lord Frank abovenamed is from this day henceforth a member of the aforesaid Order.

Dated at Knights Crossing xi October, a.s. xlvii.

© 2012, Sara L. Uckelman.

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