Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grant of Arms for Genevieve la flechiere

GenevieveBL MS

This is based on BL Arundel 68, f. 41. I picked out the design and drew the layout on May 13; composed the text, based primarily on the grant of arms to John Aleyn (1454), with a few phrases liberally stolen from the grant to John Alfrey, drew the O and side border, calligraphed incipit, painted all background pink, blue, and carmine, and gold, on May 14; and on May 15 finished the calligraphy (took about 2.5 hours), and the rest of the painting. I am SO PLEASED with this one. (I got to do diapering on the shield! Yay!)

The text reads:

By Vitus and Eleanora the kyng and quene of Drachenwald to alle owre princes, dukes, barons, lords and nobles these present lettres seing or hering humble recomendacion.

Omnes boni remunerabuntur. It is soo that many persones been moeved of noble courage and gentile worth to exercise virtuous marks and condiciones by the which they shal come to the perfeccion of grete honour. Of which persones oone in especial whos name is Genevieve la flechiere of the shire of Thamesreach who has long borne herself valiantly and conducted herself honourably so that she is well worthy Where upon we the said sovorains of Drachenwald have made due serche and founde the right armes of the seid Genevieve as our dear cousins Sarnac and Jolicia, erstwhile souerayns of the raume of Ealdormere, haue assigned to her by grant, that is to say argent crusilly sable a bend gules, as depicted more pleynly above. The grant of which armes we conferme to the said Genevieve and witnesse here that no persone ought for to bere hem but her. In witnesse whereof to thise letres we have sette oure signes manuell the ____ day of ____, a.s. xlvi

The Latin phrase is translated: "All good men shall be rewarded".

© 2011, Sara L. Uckelman.

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