Thursday, June 18, 2009

PCS for Margarite the Magpie

A Hiberno-Saxon style PCS. The initial was done by someone else (I don't know); Trinite had it in her pile of scroll-blanks and I saw it and said "ooh, let me!" I really enjoy the Celtic/Anglo-Saxon style illumination, and haven't had enough opportunities to do it yet. The choice of hand and the gold and black letters with red dots at the top were inspired by plate 5 of Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting, by Carl Nordenfalk, fol. 86 of the Book of Darrow, The Beginning of the Gospel of Saint Mark.


Unfortunately, I made two lettering mistakes -- I started writing "gree..." instead of "gentles", and I spelled "kingdom", "kingdmo". I did my best to write the right letters over and then scrape out the wrong ink, but you can still tell that I screwed up (and how). Oh well. Mistakes are period.

© 2009, Sara L. Uckelman.

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