Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lindquistringes for Caitriona of the Ravens


(The reason it looks skewed is that it wasn't square in the scanner; it really is square in real life!)

The text reads in translation Thorvald and Fiona, King and Queen of Drachenwald, to Caitriona of the Ravens, salutations. In recognition of the works that you have rendered to us, we hereby offer to you admission in our order of the ring of Lindquist, which confers the right to display the insignia of the order, a ring made of a golden dragon without wings having a red jewel. Dated by West Dragoningshire, 8th of the calendar of November, a.s. 43.

This is roughly the same translation used for the Lindquistringes for Maredudd ap Gwilym I did a month earlier. The recipient's name, Caitriona of the Ravens, naturally translates to Caterina Corvorum in Latin, though grammatically, Caterina should have bee in the dative case, which it was not (my requisite one mistake per scroll, *sigh*).

The hand is my attempt at the artificial uncial in Drogin, Medieval calligraphy: its history and technique. The design is, I have to admit, completely made up. (I'm just happy I was able to get ravens that look (sort of) like ravens!).

The scroll was done Sept. 27, 28, and Oct. 11, 12.

© 2008, Sara L. Uckelman.

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