Thursday, April 9, 2015

Panache for Paul O Briain


This was a long-overdue backlog scroll. During our stepping down court, Paul and I wanted to make a real Renaissance man -- brewer, fletcher, illuminator, archer, fencer, and more -- a member of the Order of Panache. I wanted an especially neat scroll for him, in recognition of this, so I asked Herrin Appollonia Grunenzweig if she could do a Catherine of Cleves-style archery-themed blank for me.

Unfortunately, the blank didn't reach me before the event, and it has then sat and mouldered through two international moves, two new jobs, and not enough free time, until I finally said this is it, I'm going to finish the scroll up in time for Crown Tourney -- which happened to be Crown Tourney 3 years after the one that we won, at the same site.

I only got the one picture, and I composed the text on the fly so I don't have a transcription of it (yet); I will hopefully have time to sit down some time and reconstruct one.

© 2015, Sara L. Uckelman.

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