Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Silver Guard for Risteard Ruadh mac Leoid

Risteard MS340

The design is based on fol. 8v of Doui, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 340, dated to 1175, reproduced on p. 75 of Smeyers, Flemish Miniatures.

The grid and black lettering was done almost immediately after the design was drawn out (June 30), but then this sat in my box for a few months while I considered how to do the rest of it. Then I did the outline (Sept. 15), painted it (Sept. 17), and then did the painted text on Sept. 19 and 23. There's a couple of errors in the text, and the spacing didn't work out quite how I wanted, and my guy looks funny compared to the original guy, but it's still pretty good.

© 2009, Sara L. Uckelman.

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