Sunday, February 8, 2009

AoA for Hella Stigsdottir

finished scrolloriginal model
Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bibliothèque municipale, ms. 107, fol. 6v, ca. 1000

The model from p. 37 of Maurits Smeyers, Flemish Miniatures.

Text: Carolingian miniscule, reading:

Scite his presentibus quod nos Marcus et Cecilia rex et regina Drachenwaldenses, agnitionis lubentis muni et boni exempli subiecti nostorum Helle filie Stigi altamus eam ad ordinem domine et tribuimus ei omnen jus tali armis prout deferet cum collegio armorum. Fit manibus nostris in xxi die Martii anno societatis xliii apud Attemark.


Know by these presents that we, Marcus and Cecilia, king and queen of Drachenwald, in recognition of the cheerful service and good exemple of our subject Hella Stigsdottir raise her to the rank of lady and grant to her all rights to such arms as she will register with the College of Arms. Done by our hands in the 21st day of March, a.s. 43, at Attemark.

Paints: Talens gouache, gold, vermillion, carmine, black intenso, white, ultramarine light, and verdigris.

Ink: Ecoline sepia, with a Brause & Co. no. 180 iserlohn 3/4 mm nib.

Dates: Feb. 1, 3, and 8.

© 2009, Sara L. Uckelman.

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